Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association — the largest professional Association of translators USA. A member of this organization can be any person interested in the writing or interpretation in a professional or scientific purposes. Among the members of CHICATA translators and interpreters, teachers, project managers, developers of websites and software, translation agencies, hospitals, universities and government agencies.

Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association

CHICATA offers its members a certification exam in some language pairs, and is affiliated with the International Federation of translators (FIT). Unlike trade unions CHICATA translators represents the interests and "workers" and "employers" — that is, translators who translate, and translation agencies that buy them. The Association also does not provide interpreters for such benefits as collective bargaining or health insurance.

The main objectives CHICATA — promote and support the professional development of interpreters, increasing the credibility of the translation profession. To achieve these objectives, the Association offers many programs and services, including a number of one-day seminars and workshops throughout the year and CHICATA annual conference every autumn in the framework and those, and others will host educational and training events in relation to different subjects and languages.